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Prelim Design

We are capable of delivering Prelim design in just 45 min* of design request

The design shows layout of the house with solar modules placed on the best roof angles to see how the solar array will look on your  home, taking into consideration obstructions such as attic vents, exhaust pipes, chimneys, etc


Our design contains a system summary on


WattMonk App helps in conducting surveys by providing customized survey templates.

Get ease of conducting survey without repetitive site visits and Zero paperwork

WattMonk platform/ App equips your team to Survey each facility with utmost precaution

It is a single platform to collate all your important documents

Our detailed Survey checklist provides confidence to the surveyor of not missing any essential picture

Permit Design

Solar Permit Design: Solar permit design includes detailed plans for individual Solar Projects. This solar permit design not only can be submitted to their city for permit approval but also can be used to guide contractors during solar installations. 


Permit plan is a customized document for customers as per local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ):

Electrical & Structural Review

Electrical & Structural Review : Now getting Electrical & Structural Review is as easy as Online ordering your gaming device. 

We facilitate Electrical & Structural Review for all residential & Commercial projects to confirm all drawing and designs are as per AJH

Getting Structural Engineers approval is as important as getting Driving License

Structural Engineer reviews all Pictures of the Project to ensure it is safe for the owner and community

As Build Drawing

The as-built drawings show how the system was actually installed and it showcases any changes made to the design during installation. 

To have the most recent drawings, we provide the as-built drawings services to our customers. 

As-Build design is a revised drawing that is created and submitted after the solar installation is completed.

Screenshot 2021-01-14 141022.png

It helps Track modifications made in the interim stages of installation and make it easier to clearly visualize the next steps

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