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How Aurora helps us make a residential solar design in minutes

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Solar energy solutions have witnessed a dash of consumers in recent years, especially since more and more people are understanding the need for energy conservation, leading them to resort to renewable energy sources. The process of utilizing solar energy is quite simple. You just have to plant solar panels on the roof of your place, the panels absorb the energy provided by the sun and turn it into electrical energy, giving you a solution for your energy needs.

However, planning the kind of solar solution you want according to your requirements can be a difficult task. It requires proper calculation, planning, and execution in order to serve your requirements accurately. One of the most difficult parts of all this is designing a solar solution that suits you the best. While there are multiple software available to help you with this particular problem, Aurora stands out amongst all of them.
Aurora is one of the leading solar design and proposal software, which is widely used by engineers all around the world to develop solar designs. Using Aurora, you can easily create complete engineering design and sales proposal, and all it requires are a few details. The software is trusted and used by some of the leading solar industries including us - WattMonk.
WattMonk uses Aurora to provide fast, accurate, and reliable solar designs and proposals. With the help of Aurora, WattMonk is able to create a solar design within 30 minutes and subsequently deliver a solar permit package within 4 hours. WattMonk uses output from Aurora to create residential and commercial permit packages including electrical calculations, cover sheets, single line, and 3 line diagrams, racking or mounting structure diagrams, placards, and much more.

Aurora is your one-stop solution for all the solar design requirements. It offers remote site analysis for you to confidently design and quote systems from your desk. It replaces traditional on-site shade measurement tools with its irradiance engine-- which provides NREL-validated solar access values. 
The software is comprised of various design and financial analysis tools to help you create a solar design instantly. Using Aurora, we can also perform detailed analysis, including calculating your finances, all without leaving the app.
Aurora was co-founded by Samuel Adeyemo and Cristopher Hopper in 2013, when they were faced with frustration during the commissioning of a solar system project for a school in East Africa. The researching, finance calculating, and system designing part of the project took longer than expected, making Adeyemo and Hopper devise a better way to do all that. They developed a tech called SmartRoof, which helped them create 3D CAT models of construction sites and predict not only how many panels will fit into the property but also the amount of power they will be producing and the potential energy cost they will be saving.
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